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“Producing these ‘high Fliers’ - which is often an apt description of their behaviour when hooked - depends on having the right water, enough space and plenty of time.”
Beautiful Brown Trout
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our brown trout

A fierce predator, with a shy nature, the Brown Trout is a stunningly beautiful fish that lives in fast-flowing, stony and gravelly rivers.

All our Brown Trout are produced from our own hatchery from our excellent broad stock and grown on our own farms. This is a fine, perfect muscular fish, which is grown in the pristine waters of the River Dun.

All our Brown Trout are reared in large grass ponds and hand graded to ensure the very best quality is selected for restocking purposes.

Jumping Rainbow Trout
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OUR RAInbow trout

This beautiful species is well recognised as a highly prized game fish, one that is super sturdy and fights hard.

Although quite at home in the rapid waters Rainbow trout thrive extraordinarily well in ponds and small lakes too.

Our Rainbow Trout are hatched on site at the farm in our hatchery using time honoured techniques under the watchful eyes of our professional team.